Creating new “pocket parks” to provide calm, natural spaces to enjoy in Dartford


Local Authorities


Parks, Regeneration

Project Type

Benches, Walls


FSC Iroko timbers. Mild Steel, Polyester Powder Coated

Client Background

Dartford Borough Council firmly believes in preserving the history and heritage of their town. With their regeneration scheme, the Council were committed to only using high-quality natural materials, so they could make it a space future generations could be proud of.

The project plan started with Market Street with the aim of transforming this area into a public space with plenty of trees, planting and green spaces. This area was also designed to act as a link between the high street to the town’s much loved Central Park.

The project also included calming traffic and making it easier for shoppers and visitors to park.

One of the most striking additions, however, was the creation of new ‘pocket parks’ to provide calm, natural spaces. These spaces are for the public to enjoy and use to relax over coffee or lunch.

The current concrete, railings and bollards are being overhauled to create more green areas.

The Project

Urban Concepts Ltd manufactured a range of wall top seating built around a granite structure. The goal was to seamlessly incorporate the new seating to blend in with the surrounding areas. The seating worked well in the environment and met the aesthetic vision of Dartford council.

Project Highlights

Wall top seating created a multi-layered environment that significantly boostsed the desirability and regeneration of Market Street and Home Gardens.

Our aim was to make the place more attractive for shoppers, bring the spirit of Central Park into the town centre, make it easy to park and enhance the heritage of places like the Library and Acacia Hall.

Dartford Borough Council


These outdoor spaces now demonstrate a fantastic communal area for residents and the general public alike to relax, unwind and enjoy the area.

Dartford Borough Council has christened the new space Brewery Square to reflect the proud history of brewing in the area.

The council has been committed to only using high-quality natural materials to make it a place future generations can be proud of. We are delighted to have been part of Dartford Borough Council’s vision to preserve their heritage.

We have been really pleased with the manufactured quality, and the aesthetics of the seating looks fabulous and really enhances the new Brewery Square area!

Keith Longley, Program Manager, Dartford Town Centre